Lunderberg’s Rice Chips

Lunderberg’s Rice Chips – The American obesity rate is on the rise. According to The Obesity Society, 27 states registered a 25 to 29 percent obesity rate in 2007. What has happened to our lifestyle? A good meal for Americans seems to consist of fast food hamburgers, a soda and a bag of potato chips on the side. Thankfully, companies are starting to introduce healthy alternatives to our junk food eating habits, and no flavor or satisfaction is lost for the exchange. Potato chips are one of the most commonly eaten junk foods in the United States. They take up an entire aisle of our grocery stores and flaunt great flavors like sour cream and onion and barbecue. Unfortunately, a single serving of potato chips also carries high calories and saturated fat, while barely giving us any nutritional value. Not to mention, most potato chips are manufactured with unnatural ingredients, which can be harsh on our bodies. Getting the best rice cooker 2018 will sort you out for the rest of year of making rice chips.

One way we can cut down our unhealthy eating habits is by replacing our potato chips with rice chips. Lunderberg is one such company that manufactures delicious rice chips in eight great flavors. The rice is organically grown and is gluten free. Made with brown rice, a single serving of Santa Fe Barbecue chips (about 10 chips) is only 140 calories and carries 7 grams of total fat. When compared to a similar potato chip, such as Lay’s Barbecue chips, that is 3 less grams of fat. Also, the rice chips contain 110 mg of sodium while Lay’s potato chips have 200 mg.

The best thing about these rice chips is that they are grown by an eco-friendly company, which means healthier ingredients and growing conditions were used to make the chips. For those with gluten or wheat allergies, you can eat these chips without having to worry, because neither of those ingredients were involved in the manufacturing process. When you compare the ingredient labels, you will that Lunderberg uses all natural products in their chips.

Exchanging potato chips with rice chips may not seem like a big step to preventing obesity, but it is a great place to start. Once you start to change bad habits, a chain reaction sets off and you feel more motivated to exchange other unhealthy habits with those that are good for you.

Remember, you can eat healthy and organic foods without losing taste. As said before, rice chips come in a variety of flavors and can be found at your local grocery store.

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